All the Home services, work, and invoices provided by Pronearyou are subject to these terms and conditions. Pronearyou has the right to amend and update these terms and conditions at any time without announcement.

Please ensure that you carefully read terms and conditions before taking services from Pronearyou. The hereby document is comprehensive of all service(s), warranty, payment, and liability agreement. Before receiving any services from Pronearyou, a signature from the client is required on the subject of review and evaluation. The written or oral representation apart from those contained herein is null and void.


  • All the service is to be completed in an efficient and timely manner based on an estimate submitted by Pronearyou and signed by the client.
  • All the services to be provided will be scheduled according to availability. The client should agree that no service will be served by Pronearyou in poor weather conditions as it may risk the safety of employees/clients or the quality of service being provided by Pronearyou.
  • Locksmith services will be provided within the guaranteed warranty during business hours only (10 AM-6 PM, Mon-Fri).

Warranty/Liability Agreement

  • All the labor, hardware, and services provided by Pronearyou have a warranty for 15 days from the date of installation besides vandalism, malfunction due to abuse or other circumstances beyond company control.
  • There will be no warranty for the repair of existing parts or work tampered by some other locksmiths.
  • No warranty is applied for hardware or products purchased from other/external sources.
  • No warranty is applied for hardware or labor that is being affected by weather conditions.
  • Custom work such as framing, welding, or door installation completed by Pronearyou is guaranteed for 15 days from the date of installation. Moderation on existing material is not counted under liability by Pronearyou. Labor or any material exhibited to the utmost weather condition, abuse, or vandalism will not be counted under warranty.
  • Access Control System and Telephone Entry System: One year warranty for labor and parts. For specific parts or labor, a warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Please contact the manufacturer for more information.
  • Pronearyou will need to access different locations in the building such as the basement during the lock system installation or repair. The client should provide a telephone line before the installation. Please contact your telephone provider. The client must be available on site at the end of the installation process to receive training and sign off on work completed by Pronearyou locksmith.
  • Wired intercoms: Warranty for wired intercoms is for 15 days. Wired intercoms warranty does not include amplifiers, speakers, and transformers. The client must be available on site at the end of the installation to sign off on work completed as well as receive training to operate the system.
  • Wireless intercoms: Pronearyou is not responsible for the poor connection between wireless devices and systems. If the issues are based on connection and a call back is requested, an hourly rate for troubleshooting and a $40 as a trip charge will be applied.
  • All quotes including access control, video systems, and intercoms are effective if all existing wiring and existing parts are compatible with new hardware being installed. Existing wiring must be fully functional upon installation.
  • No warranty is served for tampered work or hardware affected due to extreme weather conditions.
  • Low voltage products: For any low voltage products, no returns are accepted.
  • Mul-T-Lock installations: Pronearyou provides keys and cards to the client on the date of the lock system installation. By signing the invoice, you admit that you have received a Mul-T-Lock high-security key and card. Pronearyou does not keep any information about the key and card provided to the client.
  • All the hardware or product requires regular maintenance.
  • Restocking fee: 20% as a restocking fee will be evaluated on all cancellations and returns.


  • All the services taken by the client must pay in full upon the completion of work. All products are property of Pronearyou until paid in full. Payment authorization must be approved by a member of Pronearyou management.
  • Payments are accepted in the form of credit/debit card, cash, or check. Money orders are not acceptable.
  • 50% of deposit is required before the service.
  • If payment is past due, 5% will be charged as the late fee as per the terms of the client/vendor billing agreement.
  • If the client fails to make payment in time, the client must agree to pay all Pronearyou’s cost and reasonable fees.

All hardware (locks, security hardware, panels, and products provided physically by the consultant) are provided with a warranty of the manufacturer. The client agrees to the terms and conditions of the manufacturer. For not agreeing to the terms and conditions, all locksmith warranties will be suspended by Pronearyou.

Our company reserves the right to suspend services to vendors/clients at any time.