Locksmiths become an essential need of people living in Charlotte NC. Due to heavy work life, people who live in Charlotte NC forget their house key, commercial space key, and vehicle key for more often. They are paying a lot for locksmith services but now they do not need to pay anything extra as Pronearyou is offering locksmith facilities all over Charlotte, NC. 

The situation is painful when you need to stay out of your house due to the theft of a key or damaged keys. Now you do not stay out and wait for a professional locksmith, just dial our customer support number and get the service whenever you require. Throughout the day, we offer all our services and will not harm the annual budget and will offer you a smile with stress-free life. With devoted employees, we succeed to offer the best and professional Locksmith in Charlotte, NC.

What makes us best?

Many companies only offer the English language of interaction but our Locksmith in Charlotte, NC knows many local languages including the English language. It will make the unlocking and interaction process smooth. For the betterment of our consumers, we offer a range of services to ensure security for your home, and other essential property such as- commercial shops, cars, so you can enjoy your life in a safe door without encountering stress. You never regret that you have selected us as our Locksmith in Charlotte, NC without changing the outward appearance of the current systems, we add new door lock devices or replacement keys.

Our world is evaluating and nowadays everyone faces locked out situations, so for them, we follow No limitations, No boundary policy. It means you will get the service whenever and wherever you need. Our locksmiths are reliable and work as per requirements. You with us no need to worry, we are one of those companies whose Locksmith in Charlotte are available 24/7. The equipment used by our locksmith is regularly updated as per the present requirements and inventions.

When you are locked out of your vehicle in the middle of the night or damaged the home key or forget the house key? You feel helpless and sound like an idiot if you do not have a contact number of Pronearyou. For such a critical situation, you must have the locksmith details about Charlotte’s number locksmith provider. We offer Locksmith in Charlotte throughout the day even if you are stuck in the car at midnight, we are always happy to help you. No paperwork for scheduling appointments, simply connect to Pronearyou locksmith customer service representative, and get the service without encountering hectic paperwork and long queues.

Our company vision

With our dedication, we emerged as top locksmith providers in Charlotte, NC. Our customer representative is dedicated to their works, for them, we are able to offer an extreme level of service all across Charlotte. We gained a high amount of positive reviews from our loyal customers for our awesome interaction process. We have an extremely trained A+ BBB certified Locksmith in Charlotte, NC. Our Company has been listed by the Better Corporate Office and in the Charlotte area, the efficiency and quality of our service are unequaled. 

Kinds of locksmith services offered in Charlotte, NC

At some points in time, each of us faced a locked out situation of a car, shop, or house. This situation may be a terrifying scenario for you, so we know that there are experts who can assist you in such an incident. For those situations, you can trust the locksmiths provided by Pronearyou. Our professional Locksmith in Charlotte, NC has numerous amounts of experience in the locksmith field. Now you do not need to take stress as our locksmith providers are well trained and have all the required advanced tools to enhance the safety of your home. For the betterment of our customers, we offer various types of locksmith serves in Charlotte, NC. Our locksmith services are residential, commercial, and Car Locksmith in Charlotte NC.

1- Residential locksmith in charlotte, NC

residential locksmith charlotte

When it comes to the safety of the home door lock system, you can easily trust Pronearyou Residential locksmith in charlotte, NC. Our locking and replacement facilities cover both repair or replacement keys, such as house, mailbox, and locking, and repairing furniture. When you need keys or wish to get back to your home, we stand for you. 

In case you bought a new house, you can install an advanced locksmith system for your door with us. You do not need to roam everywhere in Charlotte to get the best and professional locksmith, you just need to contact us. We provide you with a variety of facilities to ensure the health of your sweet home. You request you will get the  Residential locksmith in Charlotte, NC. With Pronearyou be sure that the locks are replaced periodically, if you need a backup key then the new keys are only issued to those on whom you rely.

Through our Residential locksmith in charlotte, NC, we offer the following benefits:-

  • If you are short of finance then rekeying the lock system is a cheaper alternative than replacing locks. When you relocate to a new house or have recently lost a set of keys then go for rekey options offered by us. Our Residential locksmith in Charlotte, NC, will make the duplicate key within one hour of request.
  • No matter how watchful and smart you are, you will face the locked out situations. So for those situations, we offer you a duplicate key within 20 minutes.
  • The replacement was done with a new lock system within the same day of request. We have a licensed garage door lock expert for restoration and removal in situations where the garage door does not fit. The residential locksmith in Charlotte, NC, offers the manual and automatic locking system for the garage door.


  • High-security lock installation
  • Master key
  • FUR locks
  • Doorknob installation
  • Hoppe locks
  • Mailbox door locks
  • Keyless entry lock installation
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Patio door locks
  • Rekeying of Cabinet lock
  • Safe sales, installation, and opening
  • Bump-proof lock installation

2- Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte NC

All our Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte, NC are well trained, certified, and qualified in the management of multiple locks in working areas, companies, and many commercial buildings. We are dedicated to offering the finest facilities with incredible features at a reasonable price for our commercial Locksmith services in Charlotte, NC. To boost the protection of your stores, we offer you keyless entry with premium modern devices. 

Commercial Locksmith in Charlotte

Many think costly locks offer more security but this fact is invalid. But with us, economical locks will offer you more safety and our advanced system will not burn your wallets. For offering an extra shield to your safety, we change the entire door system regularly. We install CCTV and offer a smart card to keyless entry. 

Our commercial Locksmith services in Charlotte, NC are insured and certified by the Business Bureau. We provide two replacement keys to customers with relocating plans and we guarantee that Our commercial Locksmith services in Charlotte will improvise the commercial shop standard to a new stage while removing the original door lock our locksmith will make sure that you are getting the new system without any scratches.


  • High-security lock installation
  • Master key
  • FUR locks
  • Doorknob installation
  • Hoppe locks
  • Mailbox door locks
  • Enhanced lock system
  • Keyless entry lock installation
  • CCTV
  • Advance new system
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Patio door locks
  • Rekeying of Cabinet lock
  • Safe sales, installation, and opening
  • Bump-proof lock installation

3- Car Locksmith in Charlotte NC

When you are stuck in the car at midnight and suddenly recall that you lose the key or forget the key in the shopping mall. Those moments are extremely painful, so for better dealing with such a situation, you should also have a spare key to every lock in your vehicle. But if you do not have a spare key with you, what do you need to do? Simple you simply need to contact Pronearyou. Our Car Locksmith in Charlotte, NC, offers a high standard of services, these services involve ignition keys, door locks, and handheld high-tech devices for vehicle transponders.

Our Car Locksmith in Charlotte, NC, owing to offer 24 X 7 help coverage and services charges are economical, unlike other rivals. Our loyal customer service team strives very hard to fulfill your standards and you do not need to wait for a day to grab our car locksmith service. The appointment process is simple and requires three minutes to invest, we do not support the advance payment facility.


  • Ignition & door keys
  • Transponder Car Keys
  • Key Extraction for Damaged or Broken Keys
  • Laser, high security, and anti-theft system keys
  • Car door unlocking
  • Ignition cylinder repair
  • Ignition cylinder replacement
  • Auto door lock repair
  • Trunk and Boot Opening
  • Emergency vehicles opening
  • Remote key fobs
  • Motorcycle keys and locks
  • Push-button start keys
  • Repair of ignition locks
  • Cabinet repairing
  • Key extraction
  • Auto door lock replacement
  • Door and ignition rekeying
  • Replacement of key fob
  • Smart key duplication
  • Car key cutting
  • Programming of smart key
  • Factory remote keys

How to call Car Locksmith in Charlotte, NC?

  1. Choose a web browser and search the official website of Pronearyou in Charlotte.
  2. Click on the official website and set the location to Charlotte.
  3. Select the service as per your requirement. For Car Locksmith in Charlotte, NC, you need to visit the contact us section and note down the toll-free number.
  4. Dial contact number and connect to the Pronearyou customer service representative team.
  5. Choose the language, location and locksmith service.
  6. Ask the agent to send a professional locksmith to your location.
  7. The agent will ask some basic questions and will book your appointment as per your wish.
  8. Reconfirm the timing and if needed you can modify the appointment(once).After disconnecting the call be sure our Car key Locksmith in Charlotte, NC, will deliver exceptional service without hurting your comfort and wallet.
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